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A call for donations

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A call for donations
By now, the target has been reached and I ordered the new laptop from (Clevo W230ST) for the total price of 1077 EUR (with 16GB RAM and 128GB SSD) incl. shipping. It should arrive by next week - Clevo is having problems with satisfying the demand so it takes longer to deliver. Thanks again to everyone who donated.

Hi again,

with this thread I'm coming up with a help request. By September, I'm moving to another city to start my first semester at an university. As a side effect of that, I'll have to get rid of my desktop computer by late August, which means I won't be able to work on OF anymore until I get a decent laptop that can run the engine - besides that, my graphics card in the desktop computer died today and I'm stuck with a much weaker one, which is kinda limiting (and only available until the end of August). That's why I'm coming up with this call for donations to help me cover hardware costs required for continued development of the engine without any hiatus.

Note that the development of the engine will continue for now and new releases will be made every second Monday as usual. The problem is that this can only go on for a month and until then I need to be ready with a new setup to continue development - if I don't, I'll have to put the project on hold temporarily. I'm currently unemployed (will be looking for a job in August and September if I don't find one in August) and my sole source of income is freelance work. This gets me some money, but not enough to pay everything.

The laptop I'm aiming for is Clevo W740SU with the final price being <= 1500 USD. I can pay something around $800 or slightly above (without extra freelance work).

Donators (only initials are shown for the sake of privacy):

J.S. - 10.0 EUR (07/30/13)
K.M. - 20.0 EUR (07/31/13)
J.C.B.P. - 5.0 EUR (07/31/13)
F.V. - 500.0 EUR (08/05/13)
J.S. - 2.0 EUR (08/06/13)
P.V. - 50.0 EUR (08/19/13)

Thanks again to everyone who donated! I put a large amount of my free time into this and I wish to continue development of the engine for as long as possible, having a lot of plans with it for the future.

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the evil dev guy

sigh... paypal

Paypal keeps giving me all kinds of weird errors every time I try to use it to actually pay something.
Then it tells me I'm not logged it, then it tells me I have no credit in my account, then it tells me I failed verification, then I get timed out, then it tells me 'some error' occurred and I need to try again... :/ now it's "sorry — your last action could not be completed". I've already had to reset my password 3 times in the past because for whatever reason it managed to 'forget' it somehow. It also keeps bugging me for credit card verification even though I've already done that 2 times in the past.

I want to donate, but this is making it really difficult. I could simply make a bank transfer if you wish.

[ brain might be defunct at time of writing ]

Hi, your donation arrived -

Hi, your donation arrived - note that the laptop is now funded, so the project should be safe again (with no pauses)

the evil dev guy

good to hear


[ brain might be defunct at time of writing ]